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Business value chain

Fortum’s business activities cover the production, sales and distribution of electricity and heat as well as energy-sector expert services. Investments and fuels make up a big part of our purchases.

We produce emission free and low-emission electricity and heat using different energy sources. We distribute the produced energy to our customers while taking into consideration long-term, sustainable community planning.

Energy production, distribution and use result in many kinds of environmental impacts. Some of them are global or have

an extensive area of impact, and some are regional or local. The biggest environmental concerns are related to climate change, acidification, and diminishing natural resources and biodiversity.

We take into consideration the entire life cycle of our energy products and strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations by applying best practices and best available technologies, by using natural resources in a responsible manner, and by using efficient operating and maintenance processes.

In our investments, we pursue a financially profitable balance that provides the possibility to increase capacity and reduce emissions. In line with our strategy, we invest in carbon dioxide-free hydro and nuclear power production and in energy-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) production.

We produce economic added value for our stakeholder groups. We support the functioning of society by, e.g., paying

compensation to capital investors and shareholders, paying taxes, employing people and supporting non-profit activities.

As part of our daily operations, we strive to minimise the adverse environmental impacts of our operations. We act responsibly, and we strive to ensure that our business partners act responsibly and comply with our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct. Our goal is to make sure that it is safe to work in all our offices and plants.

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