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Diverse mix of fuels

We utilise a flexible and diverse mix of fuels in energy production at our CHP plants, and we aim to increase the use of renewable and waste-derived fuels. In 2014, we used in total 77 TWh of fuels at our CHP plants with the following breakdown: natural gas 80%, coal 14%, biomass and bioliquids 4%, waste-derived fuel 0.8%, and peat 0.5%.

The renewable fuels we use include forest residues, other wood-based fuels and agrobiomass. Additionally, over 60% of the municipality and industrial waste we burn is bio-based.

We actively participate in developing new energy sources and fuels. An example of this is the pyrolysis technology-based Fortum Otso® bio-oil production plant constructed at the Joensuu power plant. Operating at full capacity, the plant can annually produce about 50,000 tonnes of bio-oil, which is used to replace fossil fuel oils both at Fortum’s own heat plants and at its customers’ heat plants. This reduces CO2-emissions from energy production by as much as 60,000 tonnes per year. Process technology problems have delayed the commissioning of the plant.

In Stockholm, Fortum Värme used 2.0 (2013: 3.2) TWh of biomass and various bioliquids and 2.6 (2013: 2.1) TWh of waste derived fuels. Renewable fuels accounted for 61% Fortum Värme’s total fuel use. The new plant unit under construction is one of the world’s largest bio-CHP plants; it will further increase the use of renewable fuels and reduce emissions in Stockholm.


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