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Energy-efficiency products and services

Fortum has introduced new services to the market in recent years to improve customers’ energy efficiency; examples include the consumption report service Fortum Valpas, the Fortum Kotinäyttö (Home Display), the Fortum Fiksu product family and the Fortum Solar Kit. With the new services, Fortum customers can monitor their energy consumption, optimise their home heating, and thus cut costs.

For our private and business customers in Finland and

Sweden, we offer turnkey solar panel systems, and we buy surplus solar electricity from customers at a market price.

Electricity for cars

Fortum actively promotes the adoption of electric vehicles by developing solutions that enable quick and safe charging of electric vehicles. Fortum’s Charge & Drive network operates in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We are collaborating with various partners in the Charge & Drive project so that an increasing number of motorists will find it convenient to drive electric vehicles.

Fortum already has some 50 charging stations in Finland, 90 in Sweden and nearly 200 in Norway. More than 100 stations are fast chargers. Increased use of electric vehicles reduces emissions regardless of the source of electricity, because all electricity production is in the framework of the EU emissions trading scheme, unlike petrol and diesel fuels.


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