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Hydropower is Fortum’s most significant renewable electricity production form. Hydropower production doesn’t generate any CO2- emissions.

Hydropower accounts for about one third of our annual electricity production; the share fluctuates yearly based on the hydrological situation. In 2014 our hydropower production was 22.3 (2013: 18.0) TWh, i.e. 30% (2013: 27%) of our electricity production. Hydropower has a special role in the functionality and reliability of the energy system because of its flexibility: by regulating water systems, hydropower can be used to respond to fluctuations in demand and in the

production of other electricity production forms. Water can be stored in reservoirs and used during electricity consumption peaks. The need for hydropower’s flexibility will increase as the share of solar and wind electricity, both with fluctuating production, grows.

Fortum’s hydropower production capacity in the Nordic countries is about 4,600 MW. In 2014, we owned or co-owned 159 hydropower plants in Sweden and Finland. The Fortum-owned or co-owned power plants with the largest capacity are located on the Dalälven, Indalsälven and Ljusnan rivers in central Sweden and on the Oulujoki, Kemijoki and Vuoksi rivers in Finland. Hydropower plants are very reliable producers of electricity. During the year, the reliability of the plants was further improved through our investment programme’s refurbishment projects both in Finland and Sweden. Equipment and machinery refurbishments also increased the production capacity of the power plants.

Hydropower refurbishments

We increase the efficiency and electricity production of our hydropower plants with systematic plant refurbishments and power upgrades. At the same time we improve safety and operational reliability and reduce the environmental impact caused by the operations.

In Finland, the refurbishment of the Imatra power plant’s number three unit was completed in autumn 2014. The capacity of the unit increased by about 6 MW, i.e. 4%. The refurbishment project at the Imatra power plant will continue in 2015 with the refurbishment of the number four unit.

In Sweden, we completed refurbishments at the Noppikoski power plant, at the Skedvi power plant’s number one and two units, and at the Gävunda power plant.


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