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Modernisations and capacity upgrades

The efficiency and power capacity of both units at the Loviisa nuclear power plant have been increased over the years through plant modernisations; this work will continue in the coming years. Nuclear power upgrades are being carried out also in our co-owned plants in Sweden.

Modernisations and capacity upgrades at Loviisa

The Loviisa power plant’s high-pressure turbines will be modernised in 2014–2017. Additionally, the plant’s eight moisture separators and reheaters will be modernised in 2015–2017. The modernisations will increase the plant’s nominal output by a total of about 29 MW.

Work to modernise also the plant automation is under way. The modernisation project will be implemented over several years and is included as part of Fortum’s normal capital expenditure. In 2014, we refocused the project and switched the main collaboration partner. We agreed to continue the project with English Rolls-Royce and ended the agreement with our previous partner Areva-Siemens Consortium.

The automation project to be implemented with Rolls-Royce focuses mainly on safety-related systems for both Loviisa

power plant units. The project is to be implemented by the end of 2018. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with Fortum.

The aim of the automation modernisation project and of other modernisation projects is to secure safe and reliable electricity production at the Loviisa nuclear power plant until the end of the plant’s operating licences.

Capacity upgrades in Sweden

Projects related to capacity upgrades continued at both the Oskarshamn and Forsmark nuclear power plants. A decision was made to continue the capacity upgrade project at Forsmark 1; according to the plan, the new upgraded capacity will be taken into use by 2020 at the latest after extensive grid improvement work. The capacity upgrade for Forsmark 3 was rejected as unprofitable because of the significant additional investments required for the electricity distribution network.

The Oskarshamn 2 unit was shut down in June 2013 in order to implement preparations for safety improvement modifications and for a capacity upgrade at the plant. The installations have not progressed as planned. Because of the safety improvements, the stoppage will continue until summer 2015, and the capacity upgrade will be postponed to 2017.


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