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Stakeholders views

In 2014 various stakeholder groups brought to the public discourse the following topics important for nuclear power production.

Greenpeace launched a campaign in March 2014 to close aging nuclear power plants by encroaching on nuclear power plants in six countries.

Fortum’s co-owned Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in Sweden was also a target of the campaign, with 20 demonstrators in the plant area demanding the closure of the nuclear power plant.

The demonstration did not endanger the plant’s operations, and police removed the demonstrators from the area. The Loviisa nuclear power plant in Finland was also on the Greenpeace list of nuclear power plants to be closed, but there were no demonstrations against the plant.

The current operating licences for the Loviisa nuclear power plant units will end in 2027 (Loviisa 1) and 2030 (Loviisa 2). The continuation of nuclear power production in Loviisa after the current operating licences expire was of interest, particularly locally. Fortum is interested in continuing nuclear power production in Loviisa, but at the moment we have nothing specifically underway with regards to this. We have already publically communicated that a combination of nuclear power and combined heat and power production would be a commercially interesting solution for Loviisa. Using nuclear power in combined heat and power production would significantly improve the energy efficiency of nuclear power. However, building additional nuclear power requires broad social acceptance.


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