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Solar power

We believe that inexhaustible, renewable and carbon-free solar energy is one of the future’s most important energy production forms as climate change and local environmental problems necessitate sustainable, CO2-free and energy-efficient solutions. Solar electricity technologies are advancing quickly. Solar energy costs continue to decrease and, in many countries, solar electricity production is already profitable for consumers without any subsidies. In countries with ideal conditions for solar energy, the production cost of solar electricity is nearing the price of wholesale electricity.

We are researching and developing solar operations in the Nordic countries and in India.

In 2014, we produced 9 GWh of solar electricity at our Amrit Solar plant in northwest India. At the end of the year, we connected a new 10-MW solar power plant to the grid in Kapeli, in central India. The plant was officially inaugurated for use in January 2015. The plant is the first that has been built as part of India’s renewable energy investment programme, Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) Phase II. The investment increased Fortum’s solar power production capacity in India to 15 MW.

Fortum has ongoing demonstration and research projects to harness the enormous potential of solar energy.



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