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Power distribution

In 2014, we divested the electricity distribution business in Finland and Norway. The decision to sell the electricity distribution business is related to the assessment the company made in 2013 regarding the future strategic alternatives for the distribution business. During the year, we continued the preparation and assessment of divestment opportunities for Sweden’s electricity distribution business.

At the end of the year in Sweden, Fortum had 907,000 electricity distribution customers with the following breakdown:

  • 780,000 private customers
  • 9,000 industrial/commercial customers
  • 118,000 institutional customers

Fortum had an electricity distribution network of about 71,000 km in Sweden. Taken into account the pre-divestment distribution volumes in Finland and Norway, 17.6 TWh of electricity was transmitted in our distribution network and 13.8 TWh in our regional transmission network.

Construction of weather-proof network continued

Fortum has continuously invested in electricity network updates and maintenance and in improving security of supply. In 2014, the Distribution division invested a total of EUR 147 million in Finland, Sweden and Norway. We invested in underground cables, overhead lines and substations. We also further increased the network automation for the critical parts of the grid. Through our electricity network investments, we

aim to make the network smarter and to decrease and shorten power outages. By the end of 2014, approximately 761,000 of Fortum’s customers (84% of customers) in Sweden were within the sphere of a weather-proof electricity distribution network.

The system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) per customer in our distribution network in Sweden was 97 (2013: 103) minutes, while the target was <100 minutes. The customer average interruption duration index (CAIDI) was 81 (2013: 92) minutes.


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