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25 Liquid funds

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Cash and cash equivalents in Liquid funds include cash in hand, deposits held at call with banks and other short‑term, highly liquid investments with maturities of three months or less. Bank overdrafts are shown within borrowings in current liabilities in the balance sheet.
EUR million 2014 2013
Cash at bank and in hand 1,880 1,089
Bank deposits with maturity under 3 months 129 176
Cash and cash equivalents 2,009 1,265
Bank deposits with maturity more than 3 months 757 0
Total 2,766 1,265
Cash and cash equivalents moved to assets held for sale 0 ‑15
Total 2,766 1,250
Bank deposits include bank deposits held by OAO Fortum amounting to EUR 131 million (2013: 101). At the year end 2014 OAO Fortum’s deposits included EUR 30 million in euros and EUR 101 million in Russian roubles. The funds in OAO Fortum are committed to the ongoing investment program. The bank deposits in euros held by OAO Fortum are hedging future payments in euros.
For further information regarding credit risk management and credit risks, see
Counterparty risks in the Operating and financial review
and Note 3.7 Credit risk.

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