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Capital expenditure, divestments & investments in shares

EUR million 2014 2013
Capital expenditure
Intangible assets 22 46
Property, plant and equipment 752 959
Total 774 1,005
Gross investments in shares
Subsidiaries 7 11
Associated companies 60 0
Available for sale financial assets 2 4
Total 69 15

In 2014, capital expenditures and investments in shares totalled EUR 843 million (2013: 1,020). Investments, excluding acquisitions, were EUR 774 million (2013: 1,005).

See also Note 19.2 Capital expenditure.

Fortum expects to start the supply of power and heat from new power plants and to upgrade existing plants as follows:
Type Electricity capacity
Heat capacity
Supply starts
Power and Technology
Hydro refurbishment Hydropower 14 2015
Russia 1)
Chelyabinsk 1 Gas (CCGT) 248 175 1H 2015
Chelyabinsk 2 Gas (CCGT) 248 175 1H 2015
1) Start of commercial operation.
Capital expenditure by area,
EUR million
Capital expenditure and gross
investments in shares, EUR million

Power and Technology

Through its interest in Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), Fortum is participating in the building of Olkiluoto 3 (OL3), a 1,600-MW nuclear power plant unit in Finland. The start of commercial electricity production of the plant is expected to take place in late 2018, according to the plant supplier AREVA-Siemens Consortium. TVO has withdrawn a EUR 200 million shareholder loan from the total EUR 600 million commitment. Fortum's share of the EUR 200 million withdrawals is approximately EUR 50 million. Fortum’s remaining commitment for OL3 is EUR 100 million.

In March 2014, Fortum started an extensive refurbishment of two of the Imatra hydropower plant’s seven units. The refurbishment will increase the capacity of the power plant by 14 MW to 192 MW and will improve safety and reliability. After the refurbishment, the Imatra plant will be Finland’s largest hydropower plant in terms of capacity and production.

In May 2014, Fortum and the Areva-Siemens Consortium agreed on the discontinuation of the current automation modernisation project agreement at the Loviisa nuclear power plant in Finland. The Areva-Siemens Consortium will complete the ongoing agreed and resized work in cooperation with Fortum. Furthermore, Fortum signed an agreement with Rolls-Royce for the continued modernisation of the power plant's automation. The modernisation will be carried out over several years.

In September, the Finnish Government rejected TVO’s application to extend the period of validity of the existing decision-in-principle of the Olkiluoto 4 nuclear power plant. The decision-in-principle is still in force, and the deadline for submitting the construction license application is 30 June 2015.

In October, Fortum sold its UK-based subsidiary Grangemouth CHP Limited to INEOS Industries Holdings Ltd. Grangemouth CHP Limited owns and operates a natural

gas-fired CHP plant located at Grangemouth in Scotland.

In December 2014, Fortum announced that provided that the company would obtain a more than 75% ownership in Russian TGC-1 hydro assets, it would be ready to participate with a minority stake (max 15%) in the Finnish Fennovoima nuclear power project on the same terms and conditions as the other Finnish companies currently participating in the project.

Heat, Electricity Sales and Solutions

Through Fortum’s interests in Fortum Värme, Fortum's joint venture with the City of Stockholm, the company is investing in a new biofuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Värtan, Stockholm. The new CHP plant will replace some existing heat production and is planned to be commissioned in 2016. The new plant will have a production capacity of 280 MW heat and 130 MW electricity.

In addition, Fortum is participating in its joint venture Turun

Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy’s (TSE) new CHP plant in Naantali, Finland, which will replace the old existing plant. The plan is to commission the new power plant in 2017. The plant’s production capacity will be 244 MW heat and 142 MW electricity.

In June 2014, Fortum completed the divestment of its Norwegian heat business to the iCON Infrastructure Partners II, L.P. fund.

In September 2014, Fortum finalized the acquisitions of E.ON Ruhrgas International GmbH's shareholding of 33.66% in the Estonian natural gas import, sales and distribution company AS Eesti Gaas and a similar shareholding in the gas transmission service company AS Võrguteenus Valdus. The acquired shares increased Fortum's holding in both companies to approximately 51%. Fortum continues to account for its holdings in the Estonian natural gas businesses using the equity method.

In November, Fortum agreed to sell its 51.4% shareholding in the associated company AS Võrguteenus Valdus. Fortum finalised the transaction in early January of 2015. The sale is expected to have a minor impact on Fortum's result.

In addition, in November, Fortum announced the divestment of its shareholding in the Finnish natural gas company Gasum Oy to the Finnish State. The sales price for the total amount of Fortum's shares was approximately EUR 310 million. Fortum booked a gain of roughly EUR 190 million in the fourth quarter 2014 results of Fortum's Heat, Electricity Sales and Solutions segment.


In December 2014, Fortum and Gazprom Energoholding signed a protocol to start a restructuring process of their ownership of TGC-1, a Territorial Generating Company in Russia. TGC-1 owns and operates hydro and thermal power plants in north-western Russia as well as heat distribution

networks in St. Petersburg. Currently Gazprom Energoholding owns 51.8% of the TGC-1 shares and Fortum 29.5%.

As part of the restructuring, Fortum will establish a company together with Rosatom to own the hydro assets of TGC-1, while Gazprom Energoholding continues with the heat and thermal power businesses of TGC-1. By utilising its present stake in TGC-1, Fortum would obtain a more than 75% ownership in the hydro power company. Rosatom would have a less than 25% minority holding in the hydropower company.


In March 2014, Fortum completed the divestment of its Finnish electricity distribution business to Suomi Power Networks Oy. The total consideration was EUR 2.55 billion on a debt- and cash-free basis. Fortum's one-time sales gain of approximately EUR 1.85 billion corresponds to EUR 2.08 per share. The sales gain is booked in Fortum's Distribution Segment in the first quarter of 2014.

In May 2014, Fortum completed the divestment of its Norwegian electricity distribution business to the Hafslund Group.



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