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2014 2013
Number of employees, 31 Dec 8,592 9,186
Average number of employees 8,821 9,532
Total amount of employee costs, EUR million 413 460

Fortum’s operations are mainly based in the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the Baltic Rim area. The total number of employees at the end of December was 8,592 (9,186 at the end of 2013).

At the end of December 2014, Power and Technology had 1,639 (2013: 1,723) employees; Heat, Electricity Sales and Solutions 1,807 (2013: 1,968); Russia 4,213 (2013: 4,162); Distribution 390 (2013: 805); and Other 543 (2013: 528).

Headcount reductions were mainly due to the divestment of the Finnish and Norwegian distribution businesses and Fortum’s efficiency programme. Reductions related to the efficiency programme have been implemented on a unit level by using natural rotation, rearrangement of vacancies and by retirement. Vacant jobs have primarily been filled internally. The possibilities for internal rotation have been improved.

By rotating staff between different countries and divisions, the company improves know-how and develops the exchange of competencies throughout the organisation.

For further details of Group personnel see Note 12 Employee benefits.

Personnel by country, 31 Dec. 2014
Number of employees, 31 Dec.

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