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Shareholders value, share price performance and volumes

Fortum's mission is to deliver excellent value to it's shareholders. Fortum’s share price has depreciated approximately 8% during the last five years, while Dow Jones European Utility Index has decreased 9%. During the same period Nasdaq Helsinki Cap index has increased 28%. During

2014 Fortum’s share price appreciated approximately 8%, while Dow Jones European Utility index increased 13% and Nasdaq Helsinki Cap index increased 6%.

During 2014, a total of 454.8 million (2013: 465.0) Fortum Corporation shares, totalling EUR 8,134 million, were traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki. The highest quotation of Fortum Corporation shares during 2014 was EUR 20.32, the lowest EUR 15.13, and the volume-weighted average EUR 17.89. The closing quotation on the last trading day of the year 2014 was EUR 17.97 (2013: 16.63). Fortum's market capitalisation, calculated using the closing quotation of the last trading day of the year, was EUR 15,964 million (2013: 14,774).

In addition to the Nasdaq Helsinki, Fortum shares were traded on several alternative market places, for example at Boat, BATS Chi-X and Turquoise, and on the OTC market as well. In 2014, approximately 58% (2013: 58%) of Fortum's shares were traded on markets other than the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.


Share quotations 2010-2014, INDEX 100 = Quote on 2 January 2010

Market capitalisation 2010-2014, EUR billion

Share trading 2010-2014

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