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System efficiency

EU11 Average generation efficiency of thermal plants

Until the end of 2014, Fortum had a Group-level target (>70%) for overall efficiency of fuel-use as a 5-year average. Efficiency in 2014 was 64.0% (2013: 59.4%) and the 5-year rolling average 63.2% (2013: 63.6%). The calculation covers power plants and heat boilers.

The accompanying table presents the average thermal efficiency of our power plants by country and by fuel. 

Co-firing covers various combinations of coal, natural gas, biomass, waste-derived fuels and peat. For CHP plants, the efficiency calculations take into account both electricity and heat production.

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Average thermal efficiency by country and fuel type
% Coal Gas Biomass Co‑firing
Finland 40 95 82
Russia 61 59
Poland 66 84 62
The Baltic countries 69 74
Great Britain 81

EU12 Transmission and distribution losses

At the end of 2014, Fortum had power transmission business only in Sweden. The total length of Fortum’s power distribution and transmission networks was about 71,600 km. Overhead lines accounted for 22,600 km and underground cables 49,000 km.

Our electricity transmission and distribution losses in Sweden totalled 795 (2013: 813) GWh. The losses were 3.0% (2013: 3.2%) of the total amount of electricity transmitted and distributed. Guarantees of origin (CO2-free electricity) were acquired for all the electricity purchased to compensate for network losses.


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