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Environmental grievance mechanisms

EN 34 Number of grievances about environmental impacts filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms

There was one grievance filed during the review period regarding noise nuisance experienced by some neighbours of the Jelgava power plant. The power plant’s night-time lighting was also considered a strong nuisance.

The noise caused by the power plant’s operation does not exceed the permitted limits, but we have addressed the concern in the neighbourhood by, e.g., enclosing the equipment and by applying other technical solutions to reduce the noise level. The lighting in the power plant area is something that cannot be reduced because adequate lighting at night is a necessity for safe operations. Besides, there are other neighbours who consider the lighting of the plant as an improvement of urban environment and safety of the neighbourhood.

There were no other grievances filed through formal grievance channels, nor were there any grievances carried over from a previous review period.


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