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EN8 Total water withdrawal by source

We withdrew a total of 2,178 (2013: 2,312) million cubic metres of water, of which the majority, 2,094 (2013: 2,231) million cubic metres, was used as cooling water for condensers in thermal power plants. The temperature of the water flowing through the condensers rises slightly but the volume of water remains unchanged when it is pumped back into the water system. Power plants in Russia and Poland also use cooling towers, in which part of the water evaporates into the atmosphere. The water added to the cooling towers’ water circulation was previously reported as cooling water. Since 2013, this water is reported as part of the process water

because the volume and quality of the water change significantly in the cooling towers' water circulation. In Russia, water is used also for pumping ash from coal-fired power plants into ash ponds.

Reported water withdrawal is based on water flow measurements at power plants and heat boilers.

In hydropower production, all the water runs through turbines, so the water volume and quality remain unchanged. Hydropower production is not included in the above mentioned figures for water withdrawal.


Water withdrawal by source in 2012‑2014
million m3 2014 2013 20121)
Sea water 1,573 1,702 1,629
Fresh surface water 594 598 573
Tap water 6.1 6.8 8.1
Other source 5.8 5.3 0.2
Total 2,178 2,312 2,210
1) Includes joint venture AB Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms Stad
Water use in 2012‑2014
million m3 2014 2013 20121)
Cooling water 2,094 2,231 2,017
Process and auxiliary water 842) 822) 64
Recycled water 14 12 10
1) Includes joint venture AB Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms Stad
2) Cooling tower make‑up water counted as process water starting from 2013

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