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Product and service labeling

PR3 Product and service information required by procedures

For our products, the most pertinent obligatory product information requirement is valid for all the electricity we produce in EU countries. We comply with EU legislation-based national legislation on the origin of electricity. This requiresthe electricity producer to disclose the origin of the produced electricity, the carbon dioxide emissions and the amount of

radioactive waste.

In 2014, Fortum Markets sold electricity to private and business customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Electricity was acquired from the Nord Pool electricity exchange. Depending on the type of electricity agreement, customers receive electricity generated from different energy sources. The origin of the electricity is verified in accordance with the European Guarantee of Origin system.

Sources used to produce the electricity sold by Fortum Markets in 2013:

  • 37% renewable energy (35% was sold as eco-labelled electricity)
  • 58% nuclear power
  • 5% fossil fuels

Emissions generated in the production of electricity sold by Fortum:

  • Accumulation of spent nuclear fuel: 1.6 mg/kWh
  • Carbon dioxide: 32 g CO2/kWh

Due to the Nordic reporting practice, figures for 2014 will be available in summer 2015.

PR5 Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction

The international and independent EPSI Rating annually surveys the customer satisfaction of electricity companies in Finland, Sweden and Norway. According to 2014 EPSI survey, the general electricity sector customer satisfaction remained at the same level in Finland, decreased slightly in Sweden, and improved in Norway. Fortum’s customer satisfaction improved in Finland and Norway, but decreased in Sweden.

According to the EPSI survey, Fortum’s customer loyalty improved the most of all electricity companies in Finland. Customer loyalty and customer willingness to recommend Fortum were also visible in the growing customer base. Customer assessment of the quality of Fortum’s products and services also improved.

Customer satisfaction1) in 2012‑2014
2014 2013 2012
Finland 74 71 68
Sweden 63 65 64
Norway 70 69 69
1) In Finland and Norway research method was EPSI, in Sweden Svenskt Kvalitetsindex

We measure customer satisfaction and development of the company’s reputation and the factors impacting it among the different stakeholder groups annually with the extensive One Fortum survey. The survey covers customers, public administration, capital markets, non-governmental organisations and opinion makers, and Fortum’s personnel. In Finland and Sweden, we also survey the views of the general public. As in the previous year, in 2014 we conducted the survey in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Baltic countries and Russia.

Our reputation has remained strong amongst the most important stakeholder groups and, despite a small decline, is still the strongest among stakeholder groups within the capital markets. Among public administration representatives, our reputation improved for the third consecutive year.

Our reputation improved in Finland among all stakeholder groups and especially among customers. Customer

satisfaction improved the most in the heat business. Satisfaction slightly decreased among private electricity customers, but improved among business customers in all market areas. Customers of the Power Solutions unit continue to be very satisfied and more loyal and willing to recommend Fortum than previously.

Our reputation is still the weakest among the general public and decreased from 2013, as our reputation weakened in Sweden. Opinion makers and non-governmental organisations have a more positive attitude towards Fortum than previously.


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