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Local communities

We communicate openly, honestly and proactively, and we engage in a dialogue with the influential stakeholder groups located in the vicinity of our power plants. We carry out collaboration projects with local communities. We conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) for our projects in accordance with legislative requirements. Hearing of stakeholders is part of the EIA process. The environmental impact assessments and reports are publicly available. In addition, relevant stakeholders are heard in all licensing procedures.

SO2 Operations with significant actual and potential negative impacts on local communities

In the future, the construction of large solar power plants in India may have an impact on the livelihoods, land use and transport routes of the local population. Minimising local impacts and collaborating with stakeholders is taken into consideration in the project planning phase.

Our hydropower production in Sweden and Finland has positive and negative impacts on local communities. Hydropower production and water regulation may alter the flow rate and the range and rhythm of the water level in waterways, compared to their natural state. Hydropower construction and use may weaken the reproduction and living habitats for fish. The changes may have also negative impacts on local communities. The most significant negative impacts are related to the recreational use of water systems,

particularly on the shores of lakes that are strongly regulated, and the impacts on fishing. Power plant dams also form an obstacle to boating. We mitigate and compensate the adversities through numerous measures, such as stocking fish and building boat launch ramps.

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