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Economic added value for stakeholders

Fortum is a significant economic actor in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Norway and the Baltic countries. We continuously monitor the impact and well-being generated by our operations.

The most significant direct monetary flows of Fortum’s operations come from sales revenue from customers,

procurements from suppliers of goods and services, compensation to financiers and dividend to shareholders, growth and maintenance investments, employee wages and salaries, and taxes borne.

Our operations also have indirect economic impacts. The Finnish State owns 50.8% of Fortum’s shares, and we contribute to a functioning society by, among other things, paying taxes and dividends. These secure Finnish society’s basic functions and build well-being. Investments and the procurement of goods and services provide employment both locally and outside our operating areas. The wages and taxes paid have a positive impact on local communities.

The accompanying graphic presents Fortum’s monetary flows to the different stakeholder groups in 2014 and examples of the added value generated.

Taxes borne in our operating countries in 2014 totalled EUR 525 million. The largest share of taxes borne was for the state of Sweden, EUR 279 million.

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