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Distribution of added value 2014


  • Operations are concentrated to the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic rim area
  • Fortum employed on average 8,821 (2013: 9,532) people 
  • Fortum develops the competence and performance of its employees through skills and leadership training and job rotation
  • Wages and incentive payments impact private consumption, and taxes paid by personnel have an impact on the generation of social well-being

Public sector

  • Fortum supports social development and well-being by paying taxes and social security costs
  • Fortum’s income, property and production taxes totalled EUR 501 (2013: 530) million
  • Support for society totalled about EUR 3.4 (2013: 2.1) million
  • Fortum supports research in the natural, economic and technical sciences within the energy sector: in 2014, Fortum Foundation granted about EUR 550,000 (2013: 432,000) in scholarships

Investors and shareholders

  • At the end of the year, Fortum had 109,403 (2013: 132,072) shareholders, the Finnish State owns 50.8% of Fortum
  • Dividends paid in 2014 for 2013 totalled EUR 977 (2013: 888 for 2012) million
  • About 72.9% (2013: 73.8%) of dividends was paid to Finnish shareholders
  • Fortum’s total shareholder return has outperformed the development of the index of its European peers during the past five-year period
  • Dividend income on the shares held by the Finnish State has an impact on maintaining both short- and long-term social well-being


  • The majority of the growth investments were made in the Heat, Electricity Sales and Solutions division and the Russia division
  • Almost all of the planned investments in Europe target CO2-free production
  • Maintenance, productivity and legislation-based investments were EUR 473 (2013: 540) million
  • Growth investments were EUR 364 (2013: 479) million
  • Research and development expenditure was EUR 41 (2013: 49) million
  • Fortum’s investments develop, among other things, safety, production capacity, energy efficiency, local infrastructure and electricity distribution reliability
  • Fortum’s investments create business opportunities as well as jobs for suppliers of goods and services


  • Fortum refines natural energy sources into electricity and heat
  • Fortum purchases fuels, goods, and services from local and global suppliers
  • About a half of the goods and services Fortum purchases are from European suppliers
  • Uranium, gas and the majority of the coal were purchased from Russia in 2014
  • Collaboration creates jobs for suppliers and unlocks business opportunities in the Nordic, Baltic, Polish and Russian markets
  • Collaboration, networking and partnerships increase Fortum’s intellectual capital, enable a wide project base and support the successful implementation of R&D projects


  • Fortum sells electricity, heating, cooling and town gas as well as related expert services
  • Fortum has 1.3 million private and business customers in the Nordic countries and about 900,000 electricity distribution customers in Sweden
  • Fortum has wholesale electricity market customers in Russia
  • Fortum has district heat customers in dozens of cities in eight countries
  • Fortum knows the markets it operates in and develops competitive products and services for its customers
  • The services and environmentally-benign products Fortum offers help to improve energy efficiency and to reduce costs and emissions
  • Fortum develops smart grids that support sustainable community planning



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