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Important stakeholders

We interact with millions of people through our business operations. Engaging in collaboration and a dialogue with different stakeholder groups as well as conducting surveys help us to assess and meet the expectations important stakeholder groups have towards our company. We report openly about stakeholder collaboration and the impacts of our operations.

Investors and shareholders


Investors’ and shareholders’ expectations

  • High-yield share
  • Risk management
  • Responsible operations
  • Long-term value creation

Fortum’s actions

  • We are committed to achieving our financial targets
  • We are committed to growth and to creating solid earnings
  • Our goal is to pay a stable, sustainable and over time increasing dividend of 50-80% of earnings per share excluding one-off items
  • We compensate financiers as agreed
  • We take economic, social and environmental responsibility into consideration in our business
  • We manage risks and operate in line with the Fortum Code of Conduct and our company’s values


Customers’ expectations

Customer relationship and products

  • Safe and reliable electricity company
  • Good service, self-service channels 24/7
  • Fair pricing
  • Convenient handling of energy-related matters
  • Modern products and services to support efficient and smart energy use

Energy production and distribution

  • Renewable energy production with minimal load on the environment
  • Responsible operations in society
  • Security of supply of energy
  • Effective communication of outages to customers in the most appropriate ways

Fortum’s actions

Products and customer relationship management

Energy production and distribution, and our activities in society


Personnel’s expectations

  • Job security
  • Equal treatment
  • Incentivizing compensation
  • Work well-being and safe working conditions
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Recognition of work contribution
  • Open interaction


Fortum’s actions

  • We support equality, and we respect the cultures and values of individuals and groups
  • Our employees have performance-based wages as well as uniform processes, guidelines and tools in remuneration
  • We promote and improve work well-being and safety
  • We develop employee competence through job rotation and career advancement
  • Personnel have the opportunity to influence the content of their own work
  • We develop the quality of leadership and supervisory skills
  • We support employees in change situations
  • We operate in compliance with the Fortum Code of Conduct and values
  • We conduct a group-wide personnel survey every other year

Services and goods suppliers

Services and goods suppliers’ expectations

Fortum’s business operations

  • Good financial position and the ability to take care of the agreed obligations
  • Responsible operations
  • Good reputation (e.g. Fortum as a good customer reference)

Business relations with suppliers

  • Fair and equal treatment of suppliers
  • Long-term business relations
  • Development of the suppliers’ business and products/services

Fortum’s actions

Fortum’s business and procurement principles

  • We comply with the Fortum Code of Conduct, agreements, and agreed upon regulations and business practices
  • We adhere to professional procurement processes that are consistent with good procurement practice (including public procurements)
  • We conduct supplier pre-selection and audits
  • We monitor the development of Fortum’s reputation

Supplier relationship management

  • We manage supplier relationships in a systematic manner
  • We use an operating model that is based on category management in the most significant purchasing categories
  • We offer joint development projects and new business opportunities for our suppliers

Authorities and decision makers

Authorities’ and decision makers’ expectations

  • Compliance with laws, regulations and permits
  • Management of risks related to sustainability
  • Promoting renewable energy production
  • Paying taxes
  • Maintaining dialogue
  • Transparency and reliable reporting

Fortum’s actions

  • We comply with laws, regulations and permits
  • We develop the management of environmental and safety risks
  • We pay our taxes and dividends
  • We publish a tax footprint
  • We actively engage in a dialogue with authorities and decision makers about key issues in the energy sector
  • We communicate proactively and openly
  • Our Sustaianbility reporting is assured by a third party


Media’s expectations

  • Relevant, reliable and transparent communication

Fortum’s actions

  • In line with our Disclosure policy, we communicate proactively and openly
  • We are easily accessible through the media desk
  • We continuously improve our crisis communication preparedness

Energy sector organisations

Energy-sector organisations’ expectations

  • Advocating on behalf of shared interests
  • Maintaining dialogue

Fortum’s actions

Non-governmental organisations

Non-governmental organisations’ expectations

  • Responsibility of operations and risk management
  • Environmentally friendly investments
  • Promoting renewable energy production
  • Collaboration projects, open interaction and dialogue
  • Reliable reporting

Fortum’s actions

  • We communicate actively and openly
  • We collaborate with Finnish and Swedish nature conservation associations regarding our environmentally benign electricity products
  • We collaborate with organisations in the responsible procurement of fuels and in our sponsorship projects
  • We develop environmental and safety risk management
  • We monitor NGO activities and engage in a dialogue
  • Our Sustainability reporting is assured by a third party

Local communities

Local communities’ expectations

  • Plant safety
  • Elimination of noise and emissions
  • Safeguarding biodiversity and recreational use of nature
  • Support and donations to local communities
  • Dialogue and collaboration

Fortum’s actions

  • We manage our risks and we comply with the Fortum Code of Conduct
  • We invest in infrastructure and plant safety
  • We are a good employer and neighbour
  • We support local community activities
  • We carry out environmental projects in collaboration with our local stakeholders
  • We communicate actively and openly
  • We meet with local residents and customers

General public

General public’s expectations

  • Security of supply of electricity and heat
  • Activities for the good of society
  • Safety of operations
  • Promoting renewable energy production
  • Fair pricing
  • Transparency
  • Reasonable financial returns and moderation in management remuneration

Fortum’s actions



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