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Electricity sales and new solutions

We sell electricity directly to customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The number of our electricity sales customers in 2014 continued to grow in all these countries. At the end of the year, we had over 1.3 million electricity customers.

The currently low electricity price and new technological solutions change the expectations customers have towards their electricity company. We respond to these expectations by offering customers an opportunity to control and manage

their electricity consumption better and make it more efficient. In recent years we have introduced several new services that improve energy efficiency.

Towards the end of the year in Sweden, we renewed private customers’ electricity agreements. From now on, the electricity of our private customers' agreements is produced primarily with CO2-free hydropower. Our customers can choose which hydropower plant’s electricity they want to buy. Our Swedish customers can also opt for electricity produced with wind or solar power.

Our customers in Norway and Finland have already had the opportunity to purchase electricity produced completely with hydropower.

We offer private and business customers in Finland and Sweden solar panel systems, and we buy the customers’ surplus solar electricity at a market price.

We actively promote the adoption of electric vehicles by developing solutions that make it possible to charge the electric vehicles quickly and safely. In 2014, our Charge & Drive concept continued to spread further.


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