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In 2014, we focused particularly on strengthening effective people processes that go through the entire organisation. A comprehensive data system is a prerequisite for uniform people processes and functional reporting. We expanded the coverage of our employee data system by adding the personal and work-related data of our employees in all our operating countries. In Russia, the employee data system covers mainly superiors. In addition, Russian operations have their own, local data system. Additionally, we promoted the internal mobility of personnel and developed our ability to change; we also strengthened our business-critical know-how.

At the end of 2014, Fortum had 8,592 (2013: 9,186) employees; about a half of them, 4,213, worked in Russia.

The goals of the HR functions for 2015 are to further boost the effectiveness of people processes and to measure their effectiveness.

Dialogue with the personnel

The Fortum Sound personnel survey conducted every other year is part of the dialogue with the personnel. The response rate to the survey conducted in October 2014 climbed to 84% (2012: 79%). The results indicate that 70% of the employees feel a commitment to the company (2012: 65%).

Based on the survey results, the personnel feel that the customer-oriented way of thinking of Fortum employees as well as sustainability as an integral part of Fortum’s operations are at a good level. Overall well-being and a

healthy work-life balance are also considered to be at a good level. Working in compliance with the Fortum Code of Conduct and occupational safety guidelines is part of the Fortum employees’ daily work.

The most important development targets emerging from the survey were clarification of the strategy, transparency and more effective communication change. In 2014, we started improving the effectiveness of internal communication processes and channels in order to promote an open dialogue between management and personnel about the strategy and energy market changes. Fortum Dialogue events for management and personnel were held in May and November 2014. The May Dialogue events focused on the current state of the business and the future outlook. The focus in the November events were on the business reviews and occupational safety. There were events in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Russia. In addition, business-level meetings between management and personnel were held in other

countries where we operate.

We measure employee engagement also as part of the annual One Fortum stakeholder survey. A total of 1,074 employees participating in the 2014 survey rated Fortum a 73 (2013: 73) on a scale of 0-100 in the index measuring Fortum’s reputation. Operational safety, occupational safety and well-being were emphasised by the 985 employees who responded to the sustainability survey conducted in conjunction with the One Fortum survey.

Cooperation between personnel and Fortum's management is based on local legislation and Fortum Code of Conduct. The Fortum European Council (FEC) gathers once a year. FEC is an European level co-operational function where personnel and employer representatives meet to discuss matters related to Fortum.

Leadership development

In line with our Leading Performance & Growth initiative launched in 2010, we continued developing leadership and the organisational culture also in 2014. Within the framework of the initiative, we’ve organised coaching training for the personnel and we’ve developed team activities in the work communities. By the end of 2014, around thousand Fortum supervisors had participated in the initiative’s training for supervisors and over hundred people in the coaching training.

The Fortum Navigator programme launched in 2014 supports coaching leadership style culture among young superiors, as well as the development of leadership potential and talent. The Navigator programme consists of an internal mentoring programme with management representatives acting as mentors to the programme participants.

Efficiency programme concluded

The group-wide efficiency programme launched in 2012 was completed at the end of 2014. The targets set for the programme were achieved – and some even exceeded. The efficiency programme had minimal impact on the personnel, because the primary goal was to streamline the business. The personnel headcount reductions were implemented mainly through attrition, internal mobility, the reassignment of tasks and retirement.

In change situations, we negotiated with personnel representatives in compliance with each country’s local legislation and contractual procedures.

When the changes resulted in headcount reductions, we supported the re-employment of the personnel. The support package offered to the personnel included, e.g., outplacement coaching.

Fortum terminated 262 employment contracts in 2014. About a half of them were in Russia.

Aiming to be an interesting employer

We aim to be an interesting employer. Factors improving the interest are good reputation, good leadership, interesting career opportunities and a possibility to do meaningful work. We also strive to create attractive career and advancement opportunities that enable continuous professional growth for individuals.

We used communication measures throughout the year to strengthen our employer image internally and externally. We published a series of articles and videos on the intranet and in social media channels to highlight the different career opportunities Fortum offers. The series features our employees telling about their work and their experiences with Fortum as an employer.

The aim in 2014 was to fill all job openings at Fortum primarily through internal recruiting, because internal mobility strengthens know-how and deploys best practices within the organisation.

According to employer image surveys, Fortum is an interesting company; this facilitates the recruiting of new skilled employees. In the Universum annual employer image survey in Finland in 2014, technology sector students ranked Fortum as the seventh (2013: 11th) most desirable employer, and young professionals ranked it 11th. In the Universum survey in Sweden, Fortum was ranked 69th (2013: 30th).

In 2014, we offered 245 summer jobs in Finland and Sweden. The recruiting campaign for summer workers, Summer Energy, was of interest to many young job-seekers; we received a total of 12,500 applications for the summer positions.


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