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Shareholders, investors and analysts are a key stakeholder group for us. As a listed company, Fortum’s obligation is to provide correct, adequate and up-to-date information regularly and equally to all market participants. In practice, Fortum’s Investor Relations function is responsible for investor relations.

Fortum Corporation’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki exchange. At the end of 2014, Fortum had 109,403 (2013: 132,072) shareholders. The Finnish State owned 50.8% of Fortum’s shares. Of the shares, 32.3% (2013: 26.2%) were in a book-entry register or in foreign ownership.

The key values of Fortum’s Investor Relations are openness, transparency and easy approachability. In accordance with the Finnish Securities Markets Act, we use stock exchange releases to disclose all such decisions and factors related to the company and its operations that are within the sphere of the continuous disclosure obligation or that, in the company’s estimation, can have a material impact on its share value. We regularly provide information on our financial performance in interim reports, the financial statements and the operational and financial review.

Fortum’s Investor Relations and top management met with investors and analysts regularly in 2014 in conjunction with the publication of the quarterly interim reports, at investor meetings, road shows, and the Annual General Meeting. We were in close communication with analysts, shareholders and potential investors also at seminars and conferences in Finland and abroad. In 2014, we spent a total of about 20 days visiting financial centres in Europe and the

United States, and we met with some 250 investment sector professionals in one-on-one meetings or in other events. Our presentations and discussions with stakeholder groups at these events focused on topics related to the company’s strategy, the operating results of the businesses, and the development of and the outlook for the operating environment. We organised discussions on sustainability issues with analysts and investors focusing on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, we participated in several events targeting private investors in Finland and Sweden.

We held our Capital Markets Day for institutional investors and analysts in November 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. The programme consisted of top management presentations on current topics.

In addition to meetings and discussions, we served out target groups through digital channels, the most important of which

is the Investors section on our website. Our stakeholder groups can also follow Fortum through many other channels, such as our free IR application.

By communicating openly and proactively, we aim to ensure that investors have timely and sufficient information available about decisions and factors that can have a material impact on the value of Fortum’s share. Through active and consistent communications, we also want to increase knowledge about the company’s strategy and business operations.

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